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Continuous (24 x 7 x 365)  Applications

  The Cogeneration (combined heat and power, CHP) system produces electricity and useful heat. simultaneously. This heat is used for hot water heating, space heating, industrial process heating, dehumidification, or to drive an absorption cooling/air conditioning system. The Cogeneration system is very cost-efficient, often with a payback period of 1 to 4 years. Hospitals, Hotels, and Nursing Homes are excellent candidates for CHP because they have high electrical and thermal energy needs and significant energy demands 24/7/365.
  Use the Cogeneration Estimator to determine the amount of electricity and useful heat that will be supplied (offset) by different systems. Choose a system that closely matches your heating and electricity needs. The Estimator also allows you to compare monthly payments with an all-electric system, determine annual savings and simple payback time.
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Note: If you already own standby engine-generator equipment, it can be incorporated in your Cogeneration system. You may remove the cost of the engine-generator from the above estimate and run the Estimator again. Change Defaults

  Electricity Cost per kWh
  The map below shows average rates for electricity (2007) in different states. Enter the rate for electricity in your state in the Cogeneration Estimator. Click here to get the latest electricity rate by End-Use Sector, and by State.
  The cogeneration estimator is intended for preliminary evaluation only, and should not replace a detailed feasibility study. Additional evaluation tools are available here.