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Engine-driven Chillers

Electrical chillers are the single largest electrical load in many commercial facilities. Engine-driven Chillers can be an attractive alternatives to these costly electrical chillers.
Engine-driven chillers employ an engine to replace the electric motor of a conventional vapor compression chiller. They have the potential to reduce your electric energy charges, because you provide the energy needed by the chiller, not the electric company. You are able to avoid the high electricity prices during peak demand periods, and maximize savings in areas with extended ratchet electricity rates.
Engine-driven chillers are an excellent source of high-temperature waste heat, which can be used for water heating, process heating, or steam production. 
  Summary of Advantages
  • Used where hot water/steam is needed
  • Higher part-load efficiency
  • Variable-speed operation
  • Produces high-temperature Waste Heat
  • Reduce Peak Electricity Demand Charges

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  Cost/Benefit Estimator Tool
  The Cost/Benefit Tool allows you to estimate the potential savings over a typical electric chiller. The Tool also provides estimates of monthly payments, determine fuel usage, and simple payback time.