Combined Heat and Power Solutions
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Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power

  Fuel Cells systems provide clean, efficient and reliable electricity and heat that is suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. These systems can be used in supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, industrial, schools, data centers and other energy intensive buildings. They can be used for on-site power generation and in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. The energy input is natural gas.
  We develop systems based on commercially available high temperature/high efficiency molten carbonate fuel cells.
  High Efficiency: These fuel cells can achieve higher fuel-to-electricity efficiency than power plants based on internal combustion engines. The fuel cells can reach fuel-to-electricity efficiencies approaching 50%. The high-temperature heat given off by the fuel cell can be recovered and used for producing steam, hot water, building space heating, or industrial process heat. A typical fuel cell power unit that produce 400 kilowatts of electricity also has 1,700,000 Btu per hour of heat available. The systems can achieve overall CHP energy efficiencies as high as 85 - 90 percent.
  Clean energy: Fuel cells are environmentally friendly. They emit 60 percent less carbon dioxide than combustion engines. They are virtually pollution-free. Because of its superior environmental performance, fuel cell power exceeds air emission standards in many U.S. states.
  Quiet Operation: Fuel cells are generate low noise. The sound level is comparable to an outdoor home air conditioning unit. It is quiet enough to be installed indoors, normal conversation can be conducted within close proximity of the fuel cell, does not require soundproofing or hearing protection. Fuel cell power plant is suitable for locations where traditional power generation technologies are not feasible or desirable.
  Cost/Benefit Estimator Tool
  The Cost/Benefit Tool allows you to estimate the potential savings over a typical fuel cell power plant. 

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